Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What will I do to debrief students after I have attended the field trip?

After we have attended the field trip, I will debrief my students by first reviewing some of the exhibits they explored during the visit. I will have a large piece of butcher paper taped to the board where I will dictate some of the responses the students provide. Next, I will have the students make an entry in their science journals. I will ask them to write an entry based on this prompt:

1) Name 5 brand new facts you learned that you did not know before visiting the DSC (Pretend you are talking to an alien from outer space. Be detailed!).

2) Name 3 facts you learned about a topic we explored in class that you saw demonstrated in an exhibit at the DSC.

3) Describe 1 thing you learned and how you can apply it to your life outside of school.

I will then collect their science journals to read to get a general analysis of what the students gained from attending the field trip.


  1. I liked your idea of asking students to apply what they have learned to life outside of school. These kinds of connections are very important as this would allow students to make sense of what they are learning.

  2. Angel,
    Great work on your blog. It looks like you had a fun time and learned quite a bit during your visit. Thanks for all of your efforts!
    Dr. G