Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ms. Fathi's favorite exhibit

My favorite exhibit was the Science of Hockey exhibit because it showcased my favorite sport with my favorite subject! I really enjoyed participating in the activities while learning about the scientific concepts used when playing the sport.

We were able to create our own uniforms and project our faces onto a virtual hockey player! We also took turns playing a shooter and goalie in a simulator where we were able to get in the game and feel the impact of a shooting puck.

We were even able to sit in a Zamboni and learn how it resurfaces the ice using rotating blades, steam, and hot water. I've always wanted to sit in the driver's seat!


  1. I like the unforms that you and the girl made.

  2. This exhibit seems a lot of fun. I am tempted to visit the DSC. Maybe I will and take my son with me.